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Building a business around your app idea
June 29, 2021

Building a Business Around Your App Idea

Do you have the BEST idea for an app, but you don't know where to begin when creating an app business? No worries! This is the perfect article to help you get started with your app business development. We'll answer some of the most asked questions about how to create an app business and let you know what options are available to monetize your app design and earn a profit.

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4 Reasons to Separate Your Web App’s UI and API

Unless your web application is 100% client-side code, you should split it into a backend API and a frontend client. Too often people fall into the trap of believing that because they need a “quick” turnaround they shouldn’t spend the time developing a separate API and client-side app, or they believe that their application is small enough that they can get by without doing this.

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