An Overview of Web App Architectures

In the modern world of web app architecture it's truly too easy to become lost in the variety of options available to us. When it comes to building web applications, a few stand out. But the task of deciding which architecture to use is still daunting. We're all probably familiar with the classic Model View Controller pattern [...]Continue reading

To ICSE ’16 and Back Again: A Research Tale

I recently went to Austin, Texas to present my research on best practices and common mistakes in game development at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE '16). My paper, titled "What Went Right and What Went Wrong": An Analysis of 155 Postmortems from Game Development, presents an empirical study on postmortem reviews from game development. I coauthored [...]Continue reading

Django Server Setup

This tutorial will show you how to serve a Django application by using PostgreSQL, Gunicorn, and NGinx on an Ubuntu server. I created this tutorial because when I started configuring my server, I had a lot of trouble finding anything useful when it came to serving Django apps built in Python 3. I found that virtually all the tutorials I could find still insisted on using Python 2. So, this will show you how to turn your Python 3 Django app into a fully fledged website.

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