User Authentication with Django REST Framework

User Authentication is a simple concept, but when it comes to properly implementing it in Django, things can get complicated. Django offers an abundance of different authentication mechanisms: BasicAuthentication, TokenAuthentication, SessionAuthentication, and various ways to implement custom authentication mechanisms. The introduction of Django REST Framework did great things for Django. However, it introduces another layer [...]Continue reading

5 Tips for Writing Better Python

I’ve been writing Python for some time now, and when I reflect on some of the older code I’ve written… I sometimes cringe. For example, when I was just starting out, I wrote this Sudoku game in python (available on GitHub here). I thought that this was one of my better pieces of work at [...]Continue reading

Django Server Setup

This tutorial will show you how to serve a Django application by using PostgreSQL, Gunicorn, and NGinx on an Ubuntu server. I created this tutorial because when I started configuring my server, I had a lot of trouble finding anything useful when it came to serving Django apps built in Python 3. I found that virtually all the tutorials I could find still insisted on using Python 2. So, this will show you how to turn your Python 3 Django app into a fully fledged website.

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